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Weddings are filled with fun and happening moments to make it more interesting we have a ton of entertainment options for you where you will enjoy your wedding to the fullest without any worries

Get together


Bachelor's party

As you are going to enter your marriage life so to enjoy the last days of your single life you can throw a bachelor's party and we are providing you with decor , music , cocktail and more


Theme party

Making wedding more interesting we also provide theme parties like pool party, neon night and more for your family and friends to enjoy

Pool Party
Cricket Match


Wedding sports

Active games are always going to be exciting for both the bride side and groom side so we arrange cricket match , tug of war and more sports for you


Wedding games

At your pre wedding or wedding events we will arrange exciting games for you like saree tying competition, finding the ring , who is more likely to and more

Music Concert


Live music

At your wedding , reception or engagement party we will be providing you with orchestra, music bands , singers and more to make your evening more soothing



To get an energetic dance and mood you will need a dj in your sangeet , wedding barat and party so we provide you with professional DJs who will turn your evening to a blast

DJ adjusting equipments


Live painting

An Add on you can have at your events is a live painter who will be painting your moments of you and your family which will last forever


Magician / clown

To keep your family , friends and guest engaged we provide magicians , standup comedians, clowns and more who will entertain them throughout your event

Party Entertainer
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