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The only thing that your guests will remember is how delicious was your food so we provide premium catering service with finger licking taste.

Street Food



In every wedding the busiest counters are the starter counters so we provide multiple counters with fast serving with a variety of options like bali prawn , tandoori chicken , paneer tikka , fish fingers and what not.


Main course

After starters we serve tasty and variety of dishses in the main course starting with different types of rice to different indian bread then special veg dishes and finger licking non veg dishes

Meal in One Plate
Indian Dessert



Desserts are the final charm of any wedding event so this needs to be taken care of and our caterers are experts in handling this we serve basic kheer sagar to chocolate brownie all of your choice.


Live counter

You will be having live counters where you will be getting dishes like pastas , continental food , fast food , chatpata foods and more.

Professional Chefs
DALL·E 2023-02-26 17.33.25 - Mocktail counter__.png



Mocktails are a necessity at your wedding as it is the most requested thing in a wedding reception and after a heavily packed food you will always need a mocktail.


Turkish ice-cream

To make your event more interesting and fun you should always add a turkish icecream in your list as this will entertain your guests and make your wedding reception unique and grand.

DALL·E 2023-02-26 17.26.39 - Man selling turkish icecream.png
DALL·E 2023-03-01 19.05.37 - Paan .png


Banarasi paan wala

In your wedding we will be providing you with banarasi paan wala who will provide you with music and will entertain your guests and serve them paan in an unique and fun style.


Seated meal

We also provide seated meals for your pre wedding events , family events and of course your big wedding day where you will enjoy your meal at your table where everything will be served to you by one ask.

Indoor Wedding Tables
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